Saturday, August 18, 2007


yesterday i went to the fitzwilliam museum.

we went to see the medieval armour first, some of the helmets were very spooky!

then we went to the pottery section.most of the pottery was ancient nearly 2000 years old! the pictures that you have seen so far are some that i are some more.

we went to lots of places in the museum but my favourite place was the egyptian is a drawing of an egyptian pot.

there was also a exibition of howard hodgkin in the mueseum which i diddn't get a picture of but i will be doing my own howard hodgkin painting.


Rosehip said...

Dear Turtle

I love your drawings and have linked to your blog from mine (my blog is a grown up blog, so you'll probably think it's a bit boring!).

natural attrill said...

Wow - what fantastic drawings!

natural attrill said...

Hi Kamal,
I really like howard hodgekins too,I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do.
I'm back at school now, are you?