Monday, July 31, 2006

More 3-D drawings

British Motor Show

Last Friday we went to the Motor show in London. There were lots of great cars and I took hundreds of photos. Mum was bored!

3-D Drawings

I am learning how to draw in 3-D. It was difficult to understand at first but I think I am getting better. The first car I did looked like a banana because I had drawn the front and the back at the same time!
I really did see a car these colours. It was a Polo.

Children's Art Day

Mum did a children's art day at the gallery and I went with her. This is some of the things I did. Collage

Printmaking using polystyrene which is soft and easy to draw on.
Masks for the fulbourn festival. They collected hundreds of decorated masks and tied them to the church wall. It looked great!

Cartoon Characters

Grandma bought me a book on how to draw cartoon characters. I didn't copy the book exactly but drew my own versions. Mum said they are a lot funnier!

Day Out

Mum and I went out for the day taking photos. Mum showed me how to look at everyday things differently and find patterns with the camera. These are some of the pictures i took.

Colchester Zoo

This is when we went to colchester zoo. It was raining but we had fun and even fed the elephants!

These are rubbings I did of a leopard and butterfly when we waited for the rain to stop.