Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm Back!

I spent most of my Christmas holidays rehearsing for Zeussical the Musical so have been really busy. I had a day off for my birthday and three days off for Christmas and still haven't tried out all my presents yet! Zuessical finished the week before last and now I am back at school and doing lots of things. I have started guitar lesson which is lots of fun and I have also started learning how to do proper animations at home. My uncle gave me an animation book and lots of stikfas figures to make movies with. It is taking a long time but I will post it here when I have finished! I have written a small story board to work from and am building a set. In the meantime I will show you the other drawings and things I have made. Happy New Year!

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natural attrill said...

Hello Kamal, good to see you back again, I have visited a few times and wondered where you were.
The animation sounds exciting, I am looking forward to seeing your work.